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Books on Adoption
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Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother
by Jana Wolff. 1999

How It Feels to Be Adopted
by Jill Krementz. 1998

Birthmother: Women Who Have Relinquished Babies for Adoption Tell Their Stories
by Merry Bloch Jones. 2000

Dear Birthmother
by Kathleen Silber, Phylis Speedlin. 1998

Together Again: True Stories of Birth Parents and Adoped Children Reunited
by Carolyn Campbell. 1999

Just the Way You Are
by Max Lucado, Serqio Martinez. 1999

Adopting the Hurt Child: Hope for Families with Special-Needs Kids: A Guide for Parents and Professionals
by Gregory C. Keck, Regina M. Kupecky. 1998

The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child
by Nancy Newton Verrier. 1993

Twenty Things Adoped Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew by Sherrie Eldridge. 1999

Adopting After Infertility
by Patricia Irwin Johnston. 1996

Adoption Healing...A Path to Recovery
by Joe Soll. 2000

Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search for Self
by David M. Brodzinsky, Marshall D. Schechter, Robin Marantz Heniq. 1993

The Open Adoption Experience: A Complete Guide for Adoptive and BirthFamilies -- From Making the Decision Through the Child's Growing Years
by Lois Ruskai Melina, Sharon Kaplan Roszia. 1993

The Whole Life Adoption Book: Realistic Advice for Building a Healthy Adoptive Family
by Jayne E. Schooler. 1993

Birthbound: Reuninons Between Birthparents and Adoptees - What Happens After...
by Judith S. Gediman, Joan S. Dunphy, Linda P. Brown. 1991

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