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Mark Grant, MA.
President of EMDR Australia
a 3-hour and 21 minute video taped workshop
presented by
The Traumatic Stress Network
Fullerton, California
November 13, 1999

Contents include:

A 45-minute LIVE DEMONSTRATION with a subject with post-surgical pain.
On 8 month follow up, this subject has had no reocurrence of her pain.

A taped LIVE DEMONSTRATION of Mark Grant working with a woman in South America.

1. A review of current issues in pain management (medical & psychological)

2. A model of pain consistent with the latest research regarding memory and emotion

3. Pain as trauma, psychological and neurological similarities

4. How to assess for whom psychological pain management is and isn't appropriate

5. A step by step treatment approach addressing both medical and psychological needs of the patient

 6. A protocol for psychological treatment of pain using EMDR

7. How to establish "targets" for reprocessing

8. Innovative techniques for developing psychological pain-management"resources"

9. How to recognize and treat dissociative phenomena in pain

10. How to treat different kinds of pain: chronic, psychosomatic, migraine, etc.

11. Case-management skills

Regular COST $95.00
Ask for the
SPECIAL INTERNET Price in your Email

To order now, send an email to:











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